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Weather in Lanzarote – When’s The Best Time To Visit?

It’s August in Lanzarote and after a week or so of blistering heat with temperatures in the high 30’s Celsius today is a much cloudier and cooler day – it’s even been trying to rain.  Which goes to show that much like anywhere else on the planet Lanzarote has good and bad days when it comes to the weather.

But whilst you can’t make guarantees you can certainly discern broader patterns and trends throughout the year, which is important as one of the most frequently asked questions we are asked to field is when’s the best time of year to visit Lanzarote?  Or what will the weather be like in September (substitute other months as applicable here!).


Papagayo Beach, Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

Enjoy Lanzarote's Beaches All Year Round

Year Round Sunshine

So let´s try and get this straight – on Lanzarote the weather is good all year round.  By good we mean hot enough to sunbathe on the beach, with little in the way of cloud and certainly nothing in the way of rainfall.  That´s the norm – but then you can get aberrations which last for weeks on end. 

What is certain however is that certain times of year are more reliable than others, whilst during certain months specific climate factors such as the Trade Winds can kick in, having a major impact on how the weather actually feels when you´re on the ground here. 

Autumn – Our Favourite Season

So when do we think is the best time of year to visit?  Our standard answer is any time, as the weather really is great all year round.  But if you were to push me then I´d have to say that my favourite time of the year on the island weather wise is autumn – and there are a number of reasons for this.  Firstly, the Trade Winds that blow from roughly April through to August have dropped away by September, which makes sunbathing on the beach a much more pleasurable experience.  It also makes nighttimes more enjoyable as you don’t have to keep a jacket or top handy in case the wind picks up again.

Secondly the sea temperatures are still at their highest – but as the schools return both here and across Europe the beaches become a lot less crowded.  Which means obviously that you have a lot more space to spread out and enjoy and less competition for wave room in the water.

Beating The Winter Blues

After autumn we think the next best time to visit is in winter, especially this side of Xmas and the New Year.  As there is still little in the way of wind and nothing to beat the feeling of escaping cold and grey Britain for the clear blue skies and sunshine of Lanzarote.  Sure, the temperatures do start to fall a little as Autumn moves into winter here, but even then you can still expect to enjoy heat in the low to mid 20´s Celsius.  If you are staying in a villa or apartment complex such as then you´ll find that these are usually so well protected from any winds that the ambient heat is in fact much greater.  And the further south you stay, the more likely you are to experience better weather, making Playa Blanca the best choice of resort at that time of the year.

February, March and even April can often prove to be the least reliable months on Lanzarote weather wise.  As the oceans start to warm again after winter this can create plenty of cloud and even rainfall, although you could also just as easily experience two weeks of unbroken sunshine.  But if we were pressed on which months are the riskiest then we would have to plump for those.

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