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Monarch Add New East Midlands Route To Lanzarote

One of the UK’s leading low cost airlines, Monarch, has just announced the creation of a new service to Lanzarote from East Midlands airport, with flights commencing from late October.  So once again increasing the range of choice available for independent travelers keen to book their own flights and accommodation on the island, whilst also creating 150 new jobs in the process.


Monarch Airlines

Take Off For New Flights From East Midlands


Monarch will be operating two new weekly services from East Midlands, adding to the existing flights already offered from that hub by Ryanair, Jet2 and Thomson.  As the leisure airline has just established a new hub there, from which they will also be flying to other winter sun spots such as Tenerife and the Algarve.

However it wasn’t so long ago that the main low cost airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair didn’t even bother with the Canary Islands, preferring to limit themselves to short haul destinations in and around the Med and within a couple of hours flying time of their bases in the UK.  As these operators claimed that it wouldn’t be possible to fly to destinations further away and make a profit within the context of their existing business models.

How quickly times change, as Ryanair are now carrying around 50% of all passengers to the Canary Islands, whilst both easyJet and Jet2 now also offer flights to Lanzarote from various airports across the UK.  So as a result tourists now have a much wider choice of services, times and prices than ever before.  And as well as direct flights there are also flight options via other routes such as Madrid, however these do tend to add hugely to the normal four hour journey time whilst offering little in the way of savings.

In terms of prices the main airlines are all much of a muchness.  Tourists can expect to pay around 200 pounds return outside of the main peak holiday times (which are Christmas, Easter, Summer and any school holidays) and as much as 400 per person return during these periods of high demand.  There are however considerable differences in quality of service between these airlines, as any regular flier will be aware, with some for example offering much better luggage allowances and more generous legroom than others.







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