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Rain At Last On Lanzarote

Whilst rainclouds are the last thing any tourist visiting Lanzarote would want to see on their holidays for local residents and farmer’s precipitation is a much awaited event.  As the island is currently parched after a dry spell that has lasted for virtually two years.

Rainfall, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Rare Rainfall on Lanzarote

Lanzarote is at last experiencing rainfall, albeit in very small quantities.  As a lengthy dry spell that has lasted for the best part of 24 months is bought to an end.  However the expected disruption to normal weather services is likely to be very brief, with normal conditions, comprising temperatures in their mid 20´s Celsius and no precipitation, are set to return almost immediately.

Thanks to the location of the island so close to the coast of Africa and the outer fringes of the Sahara desert Lanzarote rarely receives much in the way of rainfall, which is one of the primary reasons why this island is so popular with sun starved holidaymakers from Northern Europe.  However this low level of H20 isn’t such great news for local farmers, who are forced to use methods of dry cultivation in many instances in order to produce crops such as potatoes and grapes. 

Indeed in certain spots such as Famara the island appears much like a desert and as there are no natural water sources on Lanzarote of any substantial size, making locals entirely dependent on desalination plants for their supplies of potable drinking water. The current weather front, linked in to Tropical Storm Nadine which has now blown itself out, is only expected to last for a day or so.  After which normal weather conditions will be resumed.

If you are planning on taking a holiday on the island over the coming autumn months then we recommend sticking to the south of the island in order to experience the best possible weather conditions. 

Playa Blanca is the best bet for sunshine at this time of the year thanks to the fact that it is located right at the southern foot of the island.  Puerto del Carmen also offers stable and sheltered conditions.  The north of the island in particular can experience more cloud and rainfall at this time of the year, although visitors need to bear in mind that the best attractions on Lanzarote can also be found here too.




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