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Housing Bubble – Exploring The César Manrique Foundation

If you’re staying in one of our villas in Costa Teguise, such as Villa Catamaran you are just a ten minute drive away from a property that is really out of this world.  As the small village of Tahiche, which is just a couple of kilometres from this coastal resort is home to the César [...]

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Art Cars, Manrique & The Olympics

  Cesar Manrique was pimping rides long before MTV got into the game.  And his famous BMW Art Car is currently on show in London as part of the London 2012 Festival, which is being staged to help mark the Olympics in the UK capital. Art Drive! Exhibition Art Drive! Is an event that is [...]

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Join The Wet Set In Puerto Calero

Puerto Calero has often been referred to as the Millionaire’s Marina.  Not least is it provides berths for expensive yachts from around the world and tends to attract a more upmarket visitor as a result.      Villa Carlota – High Quality Accommodation But you don’t have to own a boat or be fabulously wealthy [...]

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Weather in Lanzarote – When’s The Best Time To Visit?

It’s August in Lanzarote and after a week or so of blistering heat with temperatures in the high 30’s Celsius today is a much cloudier and cooler day – it’s even been trying to rain.  Which goes to show that much like anywhere else on the planet Lanzarote has good and bad days when it [...]

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Spikey Sights – Exploring The Cactus Garden

The plant world´s spikiest species are superbly showcased at the Cactus Gardens in Guatiza, another Manrique man made marvel and one of the most popular visitor attractions on Lanzarote. Dyeing For Cactus     The villages of Guatiza and Mala have long been the central hub of Lanzarote´s cactus country, an area where locals have [...]

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Exploring Arrecife – Lanzarote´s Cool Capital

Arrecife is the only city on the island of Lanzarote and is currently home to around 45,000 inhabitants – equivalent to about 30% of the total population.  It was awarded the mantle in 1852, assuming the role from Teguise in the interior of the island, a switch that reflected Arrecife´s growing importance as a maritime [...]

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Shop Till You Drop On Lanzarote

Any shopaholics heading for Lanzarote can breathe a sigh of relief and visit safe in the knowledge that they can still enjoy a serious fix of retail therapy whilst visiting the island.  As Lanzarote is home to a number of shopping centres, as well as some great markets and unique independent outlets. Duty Free Tax [...]

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Southern Comfort – Exploring The Resort Of Playa Blanca

If your primary concern when taking a break here on Lanzarote is to simply soak up the sun (and why not, given the foul weather in the UK) then you should take a closer look at Playa Blanca, the second largest resort located right at the southern tip of the island.  As it offers the [...]

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On The Look Out – Exploring The Mirador del Rio

As you´d expect from an island that is home to hundreds of volcanoes and a handful of small mountain ranges Lanzarote offers some fantastic views and vantage points for those who head for the higher ground.  In Spain these lookouts are known as miradors, a word taken from the verb mirar – to look – [...]

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Arrieta – The Jewel of the North

To many locals the ‘real Lanzarote’ can be found in the North of the island, away from the tourist resorts and lave fields of the south.  Here the terrain has been left largely untouched by tourist development and there is still plenty of evidence of active agricultural activity along with some delightful sleepy villages to [...]

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