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Lanzarote Raises A Glass For Oktoberfest

If you´re a big fan of Bavarian beer and a lover of lederhosen then Lanzarote is playing host to the ideal event for you this weekend, as the annual Oktoberfest celebrations get underway in the Plaza de los Naciones in Los Pocillos, home to one of the largest beaches in Lanzarote, from this Friday.

Oktoberfest Celebrations, Munich

Prost...Toast Oktoberfest on Lanzarote

As any serious beer buff will know Germany boasts a very proud brewing heritage and tradition, which is rooted in the Reinheitsgebot or Bavarian Beer Purity Laws that were drafted and passed as long ago as 1516.  These laws stipulated that beer could only be made and sold as such if it contained solely water, barley and hops.  The law wasn’t just created to preserve the integrity of Bavaria´s favourite brews though, as this was also an attempt to ensure that brewers and bakers weren’t competing for wheat and rye, as this would have forced up the price for these other grains.

Either way the Bavarian Purity Law created the foundation for the German brewing style that was eventually to become copied the world over and which is now celebrated annually at Oktoberfest.   The first Oktoberfest took place in Munich in 1810 and was originally staged to mark the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen.  And proved such a hit that from 1819 onwards the residents declared their intention to hold an Oktoberfest each and every year.

Since then Oktoberfest has conquered the world and events take place in many countries. Lanzarote, with its sizeable German expat population is no exception, but the event here on the island is also very multicultural and open to all. 

This will be the third year that the Oktoberfest has been celebrated on Lanzarote and visitors will be able to enjoy a whole raft of stalls and activities – as well as the all important business of downing large amounts of lager. 

Musical accompaniment is provided by leading local musicians such as Black Sheep and The Mick James Band and the event runs from 2pm on Friday the 19th of October through to Sunday night.  There´s no admission charges either, so head along to the Plaza de los Naciones – just outside Puerto del Carmen - and enjoy a true taste of Bavaria.

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Lanzarote Gears Up For Los Dolores Fiesta 2012

If you’re visiting Lanzarote in mid September then you’ll be able to take in one of the largest and best attended festivals on the island, as the annual Fiesta de Nuestra Senora de los Dolores (or just plain Los Dolores for short) gets underway.


Fiesta de los Dolores Lanzarote

Next Stop Mancha Blanca....


Over the years Los Dolores has evolved to become the largest celebration of local folklore and traditional culture on Lanzarote.  And now encompasses a whole range of events, including live music and an arts and crafts fair as well as the main event of the fiesta and procession of the icon of Los Dolores in Mancha Blanca.

Los Dolores is the patron saint of Lanzarote, so on an island that takes fiestas seriously it´s little surprise to find that this event attracts tens of thousands of participants.  The history of the event is fascinating as it is rooted in the volcanic eruptions that shook Lanzarote for six years during the 1730´s.   A local priest is said to have prayed for an end to the eruptions and the resulting flow of lava – promising to build a chapel should this come to pass.  Amazingly (and probably coincidentally!) his prayers were answered and some years later the Church of our Lady of Sorrows (as Dolores is also known) was subsequently created.

The main focal point of the fiesta is the Romeria, essentially a pilgrimage, with tens of thousands of locals trekking on foot to the Church of our Lady of Sorrows in Mancha Blanca.  Now you might be forgiven for thinking that this is a somber affair, but you´d be wide of the mark if so.  As all participants don traditional local dress and can often be seen pushing shopping trolleys heaped with booze and other refreshments on their way to Mancha Blanca.

This year´s Romeria takes place on the 16th and you can even hire traditional dress from a variety of shops in the island capital of Arrecife, should you be keen to take part.  The spirit of the fiesta is very inclusive and every year loads of non Spanish locals and tourists get involved.

As well as the Romeria there is also a large scale artisan fair starting on September 12th in Mancha Blanca, featuring a wide array of local arts and crafts.  Along with a folklore music festival which gets underway on the 14th.  So if you fancy booking a last minute break to join in the action just browse our selection of apartments and villas for rent in Lanzarote.

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