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The Growth Of Tourism On Lanzarote

Like many other parts of Spain that today rely on tourism Lanzarote has undergone the most dramatic and rapid transformation since the advent of package holidays over the last 40 years. Resulting in a massive increase in population and a corresponding expansion in infrastructure. As even as recently as the 1970’s there was only one hotel [...]

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Weather in Lanzarote – When’s The Best Time To Visit?

It’s August in Lanzarote and after a week or so of blistering heat with temperatures in the high 30’s Celsius today is a much cloudier and cooler day – it’s even been trying to rain.  Which goes to show that much like anywhere else on the planet Lanzarote has good and bad days when it [...]

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Spikey Sights – Exploring The Cactus Garden

The plant world´s spikiest species are superbly showcased at the Cactus Gardens in Guatiza, another Manrique man made marvel and one of the most popular visitor attractions on Lanzarote. Dyeing For Cactus     The villages of Guatiza and Mala have long been the central hub of Lanzarote´s cactus country, an area where locals have [...]

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César´s Empire – Manrique´s Lanzarote

“Those of us born of you (Lanzarote), those of us who know about your magic, your wisdom, the secrets of your volcanic structure, your revolutionary aesthetics; those who have fought to rescue you from your enforced historical isolation and the poverty which you have always suffered, begin to tremble with fear as we see how [...]

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What´s In A Name? – A Brief History of Lanzarote

  How did Lanzarote get it´s name?  Plenty of theories have been extended over the years, with some claiming that the island’s title is in fact derived from the Latin for broken lance – Lanza-rote.  Italian Adventurers However the truth is in fact much simpler, as the name is really derived from the discoverer of [...]

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Clash Of The Titanas – Here Come The Iron Men

On your marks, get set, go……Lanzarote is gearing up for the launch of the 2012 Iron Man contest, as 1800 super fit athlete assemble to take part in what is widely regarded as one of the toughest endurance tests in the world. ‘Normal Limits Do Not Apply’ is the slogan attached to Lanzarote’s grueling Iron [...]

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