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Playa Blanca
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Eating Out in Lanzarote

El Marinero Restaurant, Arrieta

If you're planning on booking one of our self catering villas in Lanzarote then chances are you'll be keen to find some decent restaurants to visit. There are thousands to choose from - the problem is sorting the wheat from the chaff. Consistency is an issue for many establishments as staff come and go, due to factors such as low wages. So the establishments that do stand out are often family run.

In terms of the type of food you will find on the island typical local restaurants all follow the same general formula, serving what has come to be regarded as Canarian cuisine, although in truth there are plenty of mainland influences in the mix (hence the wide availability of tapas, paella etc).

So you can expect to find starters that include the ubiquitous gambas al ajillo (prawns in garlic) - the prawn cocktail of the Canaries! Along with local goats cheeses, a selection of shellfish dishes such as mussels, sardines and a variety of salads.

Main courses tend to comprise good quality meat or fresh fish, cooked and served very simply with a small salad and papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes), another Canarian staple, which are basically just small spuds cooked in their skins in salt water and served with a variety of mojos or sauces.

Some of these restaurants execute this menu with more care and flair than others - and there are also loads of places to eat that serve other types of cuisine, including Mexican, Indian, Chinese and Thai.

Top 10 Recommended Restaurants

To ensure that none of our clients waste time and money sorting the good restaurants from the bad we have compiled, in no particular order, our top 10 restaurants based on our own experiences and guest recommendations. If you have a favourite which you think should be included here just let us know.

El Navarro, Costa Teguise

El Navarro is one of the most popular restaurants on the island, never mind just Costa Teguise, and as a result you HAVE to book in order to secure a seat here. Once you do though you will be amply rewarded with great service and a modern international menu that features numerous sophisticated and well executed dishes.

MIAC, Arrecife

Along with LagOmar below this has to be one of the most stylish restaurants on the island and a must for all Manrique devotees. As the artist designed this stunning space in the basement of the Museum of International and Contemporary Art on the outskirts of Arrecife. They serve modern interpretations of traditional Canarian fayre in formal surroundings - so don't turn up in your swimming shorts!

LagOmar, Nazaret

Another upmarket eatery that is all about backdrop and location as much as the food. LagOmar was once the home of the famous actor Omar Sharif and a house museum here will tell you all about how he lost this amazing property in a game of bridge. There has been considerable turnover in management and personnel here though over the years, so go for the ambience and experience first and foremost.

El Marinero, Arrieta

Arrieta's a great spot for fish restaurants but if you're looking for something a little different head for El Marinero, where a young chef is turning out a much more modern day menu that is big on creativity and presentation.

El Chupadero, La Geria

El Chupadero is something of an island institution and is great place to stop off for lunch, especially if you can bag a seat on the outdoor terrace with great views back to the Timanfaya National Park. The food focuses in simple but tasty and well executed tapas dishes, best enjoyed with wine grown from grapes in the surrounding fields.

El Lago, Punta Mujeres

El Lago is one of the few traditional Canarian restaurants that makes it into our top ten, marked out by its friendly and attentive service and the quality of the cooking. If you are keen to explore local cuisine then this is the place to do it.

El Bodegon, Puerto del Carmen

This temple of tapas in Puerto del Carmen's Old Town is wildly popular with both locals and tourists alike and always busy, so get there early if you want to bag a table or book in advance. The food is definitely a cut above and the array of choice is excellent.

Emmax, Playa Honda

Another modern international favourite, Emmax successfully fuses Italian and Asian cuisine and is located on the seafront promenade in Playa Honda. Take a seat outdoors for the best views.

Mirador, Playa Blanca

Undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Playa Blanca Mirador serves high quality modern cuisine in quite a formal atmosphere, especially during the evenings. The quality of both the food and service here though is consistently high.

La Tegala, Macher

The brainchild of leading island chef Antonio Hernandez, former owner of La Era, La Tegala is the leading exponent of modern Canarian cuisine on the island. Food and service here is of the highest quality and this is the spot to head for if you are planning a real blow out or celebration.