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Beaches in Lanzarote

Papagayo Beach, Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a veritable land of sand - as there are around 90 great beaches to explore on the island. And contrary to the perceptions of many first time visitors most of them are golden sand beaches as opposed to the black volcanic type common on other Canary Islands.

So if you have booked one of our Lanzarote holiday villas and want to find out more about where you'll be laying your towel here's our guide to the best beaches.

Resort Beaches

Most of the beaches located within the main resorts are manmade creations. This does not however detract from their beauty and there are some excellent beaches in each of the three main resorts on the island.

Beaches in Costa Teguise

Tourists staying in Costa Teguise have the choice of no less than five impressive playas. The most popular of these is the centrally located Playa Cucharas, which boasts about 1.5km of golden sands along with amenities such as WC's and sun loungers (which you pay for). Cucharas is also the hub for the local windsurfing community so this is also an excellent spot to watch riders taking to the waves. They are carefully segregated from swimmers too so this is also a good beach if you have young kids who like to make a splash.

Playa Jablillo is just a five minute walk from Cucharas along the seafront and this is a much smaller beach. But it is also pretty popular as the cove here is enclosed by giant rocks creating a perfect pool for swimmers. Loungers and umbrellas can also be rented here.

Playa Flamingo is the second largest beach in the resort and arguably the most attractive, as it is flanked by plenty of palms and plants. The facilities here are also good - there's even disabled access to the beach for example. But getting in and out of the water can be a pain as there are rocks along most of the shoreline.

Beaches in Puerto del Carmen

Playa Grande, Puerto del Carmen

There are beaches lining the shoreline of the island's most popular resort on the Avenida de las Playas. The largest and busiest is Playa Grande, which is the spot to head for if you have young kids in tow as the facilities here are good.

But smaller beaches such as Playa Chica are also well worth a visit, as is the tiny beach located in front of the Los Fariones Hotel. There is also a massive beach at Playa Los Pocillos as you leave the resort in the direction of the airport. But if you are going to visit make sure to choose a wind free day as this spot can feel quite exposed. The neighbouring resort of Matagorda is also home to a large expanse of sand.

Beaches in Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is a real beach lovers paradise. You have three excellent beaches right on your doorstep here in the form of Playa Dorada, Playa Blanca and Playa Flamingo. But the real star turn is located just a ten minute hike from the centre of the resort at Papagayo, where you can take your pick from five totally untouched sandy bays.

Papagayo is widely regarded as one of the top beaches - and rightly so. But if you are planning to visit it's worth noting that there's not much here in terms of shade and refreshment options are quite limited too.

Other Beaches Around The Island

It pays to get out and explore Lanzarote as it is an island of immense, if slightly unconventional beauty. Nowhere is this more evident than on some of the beautiful unspoiled beaches dotted around the coastline.

Famara on the North West coast is considered a rival to Papagayo in terms of raw allure. Its location means that it’s only really good for sunbathing from about May through until November, although it's still worth visiting at any time of year just to take in the scenery.

Other key beaches include Arrieta and the Caletones Blanco in the north of the island and the black sand beach at Playa Quemada, located close to Puerto Calero and Puerto del Carmen.